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Many designers who've built websites previously may not have paid much attention to SEO guidelines or Social Media Optimization. Over the years the use of Social Media have changed dramatically and the numbers of leads and sales that are generated through social media have skyrocketed. If your business have a successful website, however needs Search Engine or Social Media Optimization, we will be able to work with you to make the most of your investment.

Please feel free to look through some of the items we do to enhance your current website with innovative SEO & Social Media Optimization. We offer packages that include monthly maintenance which will guarantee daily / weekly postings on your Social Media pages & updates on your website. Please feel free to Contact US and we will be able to customize a package that will fit your needs.

Keyword Optimization

Our Analysts will Research & Identify Keywords that are uniquely related to your business and ensure those are updated and utilized in your Social Media Pages, Your Web Pages & Your listings on popular search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Web File Optimization

Each website contains files such as robots.txt, sitemap.xml, geositemap.xml & multiple verification files that are utilized for search engines. We will ensure they're fully optimized with the optimized keywords, a clear & strategized site map & ensure viruses & junk bots are not clogging up your site.

Website Tags Optimization

Our Designers will Create / Edit Descriptions, Keywords, Title & Other Tags that are on your website. This will work with the optimized files & keywords to ensure that the popular search engines are able to identify & populate your site for each related searches that are performed. We will also ensure that all your links are properly & strategically placed on your website for easy navigation.

Social Media Optimization

Our Designers will ensure that your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google + & other Social Media pages are integrated with your information, current website & much more. We will ensure these pages are fully utilized to its full potential & assist you in generating clients.

Active Website & Social Media Management

It's easy to setup a website and social media pages and leave it there. However Our Team will assist you in Actively Managing your Website & Social Media pages with the most current information & updates that are directly & indirectly related to your business. This will help increase your client base & also easier for you to relate & communicate with current & potential clients.

Active SEO Marketing

We can assist you in utilizing the Keywords, Tags & other information we've optimized with all the Major Search Engines and help you Manage & Utilize your Search Engine Marketing & Budgets.